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    thank you

    A very poignant Thank you to Boulettes Larder investors, guests and friends for the opportunities and experiences which your patronage has made possible, in our work, over the last ten years. To the cooks who have worked with us, the back of house team, as well as the poised hosts and servers, bar men and women past and present we give thanks to you daily for animating our vision. A special thank you to the farmers and suppliers of the rare quality ingredients which are a pleasure and inspiration to us every day in our culinary work. The farm names appear on our menus each season. In addition we thank Monterey Fish, Marla Bakery, Acme Bakery, Tartine Bakery, Andante Dairy and Cowgirl Creamery, Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, Cassa de Case Ital, Manicaretti and Pacific Gourmet who are are all long standing suppliers and friends.

    The gorgeous flowers, which are a constant at Boulettes and Boulibar, as well as many in house aesthetics, are tended and staged and created by very special artists with whom I have a long collaboration. ( Bomarzo Floral Design and Filaments Design) Another special note of thanks to the many colleagues here in the Ferry Building who contribute in ways large and small to our work at the restaurant( The Gardener, Mc Evoy Ranch, SF Fish Company, Far West Fungi).

    We hope that all of you will experience the elegance and exuberance of fully realized moments in the year ahead, as surely, formidable challenges await us as well. We look forward to seeing you often in the continuation of the culinary expression and friendships started here at Boulettes Larder ten years ago and extend now through our Boulibar as well.

    Happy 2015