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All salt has its origin in the sea, whether it is taken directly from the sea or from deposits created millions of years ago by the oceans and salty streams that once flowed through caves and rocks. In its natural state, salt contains a wealth of trace minerals in addition to sodium chloride. Salt (along with potassium) is one of the major electrolytes needed for every cellular function. Unfortunately, most salt today is stripped of trace minerals and is highly refined. The good news: choosing and using a traditionally made or minimally refined sea salt can have a profound effect on the flavor and nutritional value of our food. The sea salts boulettes larder carries have nothing added and nothing removed, just the way nature intended.

Salts and salt blends are sold by weight, with a 2 oz. minimum. Prices below are for 2 oz. You are welcome to order more than 2 oz.

The minimum total for all mail order items is $25.


fleur de sel (from France)
This hand-raked and harvested salt has a long and rich history in French cooking. It is often called a finishing salt because it should be added at the very end of cooking to preserve its sweet, delicate flavor. Only 1 lb of fleur de sel is harvested for every 80 lbs of sel gris. If you need to have the very best, this is the salt for you. We sell several types of bulk fleur de sel at boulettes:

  • fleur de sel de camargue
  • fleur de sel de l'ile de ré
  • fleur de sel de noirmoutier
8.00 / 2oz.
hibiscus salt
Blended in Spain utilizing Mallorcan sea salt and organic red hibiscus flowers, yielding a red tangy salt.
9.00 / 2oz.

murray river salt
From the Murray River in Australia. A delicate flavor and a pink hue.
12.00 / 2oz.

sel de guerrande/celtic salt
This remarkable Le Paludier sea salt is harvested using age-old means. It comes from the salt marshes of South Brittany - Guerrande. This fleur de sel (flower of salt) is the only one of its kind to have received the esteemed honor of "Label Rouge" in France. It is 100% natural with no additives and it is lower in sodium than regular salt. It derives its flavor from the sea and its slight ivory color from the clay present in the area where it is harvested. For harvesting, sea water is drawn into an area lined with clay. The sun and wind help evaporate the water and the layers of salt are raked away. Le Paludier grey Celtic sea salt is not harvested by machine but by "paludiers" - traditional Celtic sea harvesters - who hand-harvest the salt. The word "Celtic" refers to the ancient traditional sea salt harvesting methods developed by the ancient Celtic "paludiers".
8.00 / 2oz.

sel gris
A fleur de sel that contains minerals, is unprocessed, and is greyish in color due to this lack of processing. The grey tones range from light to dark.
8.00 / 2oz.

smoked sea salt
Smoked welsh sea salt from the Isle of Anglesey. A welsh flake salt that is smoked over welsh oak or alder wood.
10.00 / 2oz.

welsh sea salt
Flaky, soft-texture salt from the SW corner of the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. Has no additives. Harvested by pumping the water through filtered tanks, boiling the water, then letting the concentrated brine sit in a large pan. Slowly steamed until the salt crystals are formed.
6.00 / 2oz.


popcorn spice
Sea salt, yuzu, cumin, sesame seeds, Mexican chili powder.
10.00 / 2oz.

sel gris aux epices
Grey sea salt, coriander, cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, cumin, sunflower seeds, mustard.
12.00 / 2oz.

seven pepper salt
Includes Atlantic Bio Salt, Long Pepper, Cubeb Pepper, Szechwan Pepper, Chinese White Pepper, Sarawak Black Pepper, Poive Rouge Pepper, Green Peppercorns and Coriander Seeds.
8.00 / 2oz.

spiced salt
Cumin, fenugreek, coriander, ivory coast salt.
12.00 / 2oz.

tres fleurs salt
Includes sea salt, 2 types of rose, and lavender. Pink in hue.
8.00 / 2oz.

vanilla sea salt
Sea salt from the Isle of Anglesey with ground with whole tahitian vanilla bean. Good with crab, lobster, squash and sweets.
12.00 / 2oz.