Boulette's Larder San Francisco
Boulettes Larder
who is boulette...

... and what is a larder?

boulette French for little ball or a culinary term for a "little meatball" or "little cheese ball". The name of our beloved Hungarian sheepdog who is the namesake of our business.

larder Storeroom for food and a place where cooks come to find ingredients, preserved garden ingredients, grains, meats curing in various forms, garlands of dried aromatics, and ripening cheeses, confit, sauerkraut, etc.

boulettes larder shop n. A useful, compelling, and charming epicerie with discriminatingly selected ingredients prepared to varying degrees of timesaving readiness.

mise en place French kitchen phrase meaning "everything in its place", referring to the ingredients a cook requires for the menu items he or she expects to prepare.

seasonal cuisine Answers cravings for flavors both remembered or imagined while remaining true to the available ingredients at hand, guided by hungers yearnings, special celebrations, and lifecycles of local produce. In that spirit, Boulettes larder encourages you to:

  • Imagine a meal to sate your desires
  • Respond visually and intuitively to the diverse palette of local and faraway cuisine.
  • Be in tune with your hunger.
  • Draw from the regions best seasonal offerings
  • Consult the mise en place we have prepared for you
  • Add your own joy, satisfaction, discretion, and spontaneity to complete seasonal meals at home.

guild society composed of artisans or merchants who serve as the repository of culinary traditions.

slow food international culinary organization, a global guild, dedicated to shepherding the values of local, seasonal cuisine, integrate food supply practices, and lobbying to bring attention to the complexities of global agriculture and sustainability. Among its precepts: reviving memories of our grandmothers kitchen; ensuring the new refers to the old; balance; recovering a healthier concept of time, the saving of seeds to keep flavors of fruits, vegetables, and grains alive for future generations, and to promote healthy eco-diversity.

Boulettes Larder is a Michelin destination restaurant where Chef Amaryll Schwertner's cooking reflects the diversity both of Northern California farms and fisheries as well as her interest in beautiful ingredients from afar.

She continues to change the offerings on the beautiful breakfast and lunch menus each day.

The evenings are reserved for intimate private parties by special arrangement.