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Lead Staff

Lori Regis

Amaryll Schwertner
Executive Chef




Boulettes Larder and Boulibar are the most recent articulations of culinary expression from Lori Regis and Amaryll Schwertner, both thirty year veterans in the Bay Area Food community.

The principle points on their continuum of work were seeded early with the values of food and culture, imparted through family and by experience.

  • The aesthetic importance of food as it relates to all culture

  •  Conscientious sourcing as critical to the end product and to healthful cooking
  •  Referencing through travel experience and education
  • Work ethic brought forth from their European heritage (Lori is the second generation of Polish and Italian descent while Amaryll is an emigrant from Hungary)

Lori is a veteran of Fog City Diner, the French milieu of Amelio's where she was the chef de cuisine, and at Sol Y Luna (a seminal SF restaurant of the 1980s) where she was sous chef. She assumed the business reigns and became the managing owner of STARS restaurant in the San Francisco performing arts district. Lori has been quoted in local and national press on topics related to the business systems and tools she employs at her restaurant and has spoken on the topics of restaurant management in business forums such as the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

Amaryll's work has predominantly transpired in the San Francisco Bay Area at establishments such as Chez Panisse, Square One, Greens, Zuni Cafe, Baywolf, Robert Mondavi’s Great Chefs series, and as the private chef for prominent San Francisco families, although post college she worked as a stagiere in Europe. She has been the chef of the San Francisco Symphony donors private dining room (Wattis Room), Mudd's Restaurant (with one of the first organic gardens attached to a restaurant in the early 1980s), as well as Omnivore restaurant, Santa Fe Bar and Grill, Premiere Cru, Sol Y Luna and Stars restaurants.

Her work has been documented in several books and publications including the NEW YORK TIMES, The Financial Times of London, The Wall Street Journal, and in national food magazines including Sunset, Gourmet, Saveur, and Bon Appetite. She is also featured in Phaidon Press “COCO: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs”.

Both women have participated as leaders through work related organizations (Slow Food International, San Francisco Restaurant Association, Les Dames Escoffier, Women Chefs and Restaurateurs) as well as have taken active roles in working hand in hand with farmers in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest from the inception of the Tasting of Summer Produce in the early eighties.

All of their fresh ingredients are sourced from farmers and gatherers who employ the important values of common good, good practices, good sense, and quality of endeavor. These ingredients and the relationship to the producers of these ingredients has served as a point of departure and as personal and professional inspiration, in the careers of both women.

Additionally, Amaryll has contributed toward the design of several of the restaurants she has headed. She believes that the quality of her work product is directly relatable to the functional and aesthetic design of the kitchens and dining rooms where the work is presented.

This distinguishes her vision as an intelligent response to the many factors at play when articulating an idea and creating placers opposed to restaurant designs driven by concept or celebrity. Her soulful and beautiful kitchens and dining rooms and her reference of the Larder as a renewed center of importance (and as an original expression of a business), defines her leadership in the world of culinary forward thinking.

A testament to the originality and importance of Boulettes Larder is the proliferation of 'larder' related restaurant concepts in the past ten years all across the country. This idea will have legs far into the future, as it is beginning to be appropriated by corporate restaurant chains, as well as continuing to be referenced in the opening of new independent food businesses.

Lori has applied her time outside the kitchen towards business development and management. She has helmed the projects of both Fork In The Road and Boulettes Larder LLC and has served as business analyst and consultant with Bay Area developers.

The tangible support, inspiration and reference for all of the work of Lori Regis and Chef Schwertner is rooted in a strong community of friends who are international artists, architects, musicians, authors, cooks, scientists, anthropologists and aesthetes. These inspirations are central in their everyday work while cooking for guests in their restaurant.

Outside of the restaurant walls, Amaryll and Lori are mentors, parents and grandparents. Their personal interests include the arts as well as the sciences. They also contribute to local charity organizations as well as arts organizations as an expression of their business connection to the Bay area community.